YNOT finance Introduction

YNOT finance is DeFi protocol built over Polygon, it is built with a view to revolutionizing the way to provide liquidity. The reason behind working towards helping liquidity providers is, every AMM ( Swaps ) needs liquidity to attract traders, as more liquidity promises a better price and makes it possible for traders to buy/sell in big quantities.

Right now most AMMs try solving this issue by opening staking pools, these staking pools give attractive rewards ( APYs / APRs ) which promise to compensate for the impermanent loss of the liquidity providers also help lock the liquidity for a longer period of time. Staking pools work well till the rewards get sucked completely and APYs drop to a point where it is no more attractive.

YNOT finance learn from its competitor Uniswap, since the beginning, Uniswap has worked to make things easier for liquidity providers, provided them tools/flexibility which help them cover their losses. Compared with any other Swaps Uniswap has an amazing uptrend of its increasing TVL. This directly gives a signal that rather than giving a quick fix for liquidity provider’s issues we need to give them tools that they can use to protect themselves from losses.

Uniswap allows liquidity providers the option to open their liquidity position with respect to their market view ( neutral / trending ) for a fixed price boundary. YNOT finance takes the same note from Uniswap from a different angle, we allow to provide liquidity with respect to market view but we allow users to minimize their impermanent loss with no price boundaries. This makes them keep their position open for a longer period of time as they don’t miss out on any price section and if they are right they don’t feel the impermanent loss over their position.

YNOT finance not just works to make life better for liquidity providers but also for traders, we provide portfolio management and features like gamification and margin trading to make it a holy grail for traders.

To attract users with smaller transactional values, exposing them to such a tool is been made possible by launching it over the Polygon network. This ensures the security of Ethereum with low fee and faster transaction processing.

The platform is tightly integrated with its native token YTC which is a defamatory token and 70% of it is allocated just to develop the community. We will soon be launching YTC tokens with detailed information.


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YNOT finance

For Liquidity Providers, YNOT finance is the most Flexible among all the AMMs because of a secondary market for LP tokens and an interactive dashboard.